I don’t know why in the Bio section of personal sites, people always talk in third person…

I’m Charlie Curtis, born Carlotta Conforti on June 2, 1988 in Genoa.

Through all these years I’ve always had two faithful friends. One of them always present, the other coming and going as he wanted, but both were always there in times of need: writing and cinema.

As I grew up, those weren’t job opportunities, initially my options were classical or scientific studies, in preparation for a college that I would never really attend. After several vicissitudes, my education was as a travel agent, in order to follow my father’s steps, culminating with a diploma as a Tourism Expert in 2009, whose “essay” I based, surprise surprise, on cinema. For many years later, I wandered from one job to another, without a real vocation but gathering experiences in the most diverse fields: from travel agent to theatrical actress, from bartender to secretary.

In those years I lived in Genoa and a few years in the province of Cremona, then again in Genoa, following works, loves and family disputes. I would not have remained so much in the “charming” Grontardo (CR) if it had not been for the work with Anubisquaw snc, a theater company specialized in murder mystery dinners, a small family that I will always carry in my heart, the first job that really moved something inside me. It will take me a few more years to figure out why…

Finally, in 2018 I ran into an Assistant Director training course for unemployed, offered by the Liguria Region. That for me, was the real turning point! Not so much for the course itself, few people end up actually finding work, mind you. For me it was about finding a direction, a field of specialization in which I felt I belonged, and a person in particular who believed in me, giving me the chance to enter the magical world of film art.

After the course this person, who is the director and producer Lucio Basadonne, together with his wife Anna Pollio (both already awarded documentary filmmakers), brought me on board for the project “Making of Love”: a work on sex education made by young people for young people that produced a feature film, “Edoné – Eva’s Syndrome”, selected at the NYC Indie Film Festival and finalist at the Melbourne Queer Film Festival, and the documentary “Making of Love” which is still finding its ultimate dimension. For this project, I worked as assistant director, casting manager, production assistant, production secretary and assistant distributor, putting into practice all the things I learned during the course and discovering a lot of new lessons on the reality of independent sets. To say that I loved this project, is to say the least: I have dedicated myself to it soul and body for almost 3 years, with the Covid period in between. In the meantime, I had the pleasure of working with the director Christian Verzino on small industrial productions, and on some music videos with friends but not only, trying more and more to expand my knowledge and skills and trying to expand my contact network.

What have I learned from all this? When I grow up, I want to work in entertainment, using my strong organizational skills but also managing to express my creativity.

The dream would be to do it in the USA, home to all my favorite film and TV products, but I do not set limits.

Today (October 2021), I am 33 years old, I live in Rapallo (GE) with a husband, two cats and a dog, I continue to alternate “normal” jobs (in the Covid period I was a postwoman, for example) to small productions on which I throw myself whenever I can (also and especially for free), I keep a blog where I talk mainly about cinema, I have 2-3 movie subjects I’m working on, and I keep being a “control freak of organization”, with so much passion and a pinch of queer… I haven’t found my identity yet, but now I know where to look for it!

The inauguration of this site marks a small milestone for me, and a departure too, towards what I hope is the work of my life, in the most magical sector that there is…